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Arnold: The match in Mitiland was difficult. We're back with a bit disappointed

 The right-back of the Liverpool team, English Trent Alexander-Arnold, expressed his impression about the tie with Danish Metjeland (1-1) at the latter's stadium, "MC Hu Arena", for the final round of Group D in the Champions League.

The Reds had already decided to reach the price of the Champions League final at the top of Group D, which made German coach Jürgen Klopp pay with a lineup, mostly from substitutes, against Mittelland.

"It was a difficult match for us, we expected it, it was difficult at Anfield when we played with them a few weeks ago," Arnold said in remarks published on the UEFA official website. "It was clearly a bit disappointing that we wanted to come here and win and not. We can do that. ”

He continued: "We faced a good team, looking at the group stage, you probably wouldn't expect it to be good given the number of points they got, but with respect to them, a really good team."

He added: "In the second half they had momentum, dominated the match and kept the ball better than us, and they always attacked well."

And about wearing the Liverpool captaincy against Mittilland, Arnold said: “I thank the coach and the crew for choosing me to lead the team tonight. It was a really proud night for me personally. I think I will come back tonight with fond memories of being a captain for the first time.”