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Bernardo: Facing Manchester United is difficult, but we just want to win it

 Manchester City playmaker, Bernardo Silva, expressed his impression about facing Manchester United in the English Premier League, after defeating French Olympique Marseille (3-0) in the Champions League.

The Citizens will be guests of the Red Devils on Saturday at Old Trafford for the top of the twelfth round of the Premier League.

"We have won a number of games recently, and when you win it is easier to go to the next match and win again," Bernardo said of the Manchester derby on the British network "BT Sport".

He continued: "So, winning these consecutive matches is very nice and we just want to maintain the momentum and know that we will have a difficult match against Manchester United at the end of the week and we just want to continue winning."

Bernardo talked about the victory over Marseille: "It was a good match. We knew that we already got first place in the group and qualified already, but it is always good to end the group stage with a good victory."

He added: "It is a good start for us in the Champions League, we know that it is not enough, but it is a very good start. We have reached the Round of 16 and our goal is to perform better than we did in the past three seasons and this is what we will try to do."

On the return of Argentine Sergio Aguero from injury to Marseille and scoring a goal, Bernardo said: “Very happy for him, everyone knows how important he is to us, he is one of the best players who have ever played for this club, he is a scorer and a great man in the dressing room as well, it is good. Take it back ”.